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Track list
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1. Mis Amigos~Latin Funk
 Wayne Wallace

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2. Jeru ~Jazz Latin
Gerry Mulligan

3. Serpentine Fire~Latin Funk
Maurice White, Verdine White & Sonny Burke

4. Fascinatin' Rhythm!Timba Funk
George & Ira Gershwin

  5. ¡No Esta Complicado!~Latin Jazz
Wayne Wallace

  6. Bésame Mucho ~Bolero
Consuelo Velazquez

7. Come Running to Me~Cha Cha
Herbie Hancock

8. Unchain My Heart~Timba Funk
Teddy Powell/Robert Sharp, Jr.

  9. That Walk ~Cuban Funk
John Santos & Wayne Wallace

  10. Oshumaré ~ Orisha Jazz
Wayne Wallace

The Concept

A hot blend of high energy latin jazz and soulful rhyth & blues. exciting improvisational dance music that takes the listener on a trip into the world of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene.

by Michael G. Nastos

Jazz trombonist Wayne Wallace has been steadily moving up the ladder as one of the premier players on his instrument, and merging more so to the Latin jazz idiom. He's a fine arranger and bandleader too, talents that should not be overlooked. For this program, Wallace asserts his melodic common sense by leading out many tunes, stirring up a large horn section, and infusing his personal dynamism that will rival any of his heroes and influences. His background in playing pop music also shows up, as he covers tunes by Earth, Wind & Fire and Ray Charles. But the straight Latin and jazz tracks fully display what Wallace does best. The sizzling montuno original "ˇNo Esta Complicado!" is fronted by the trombonist, setting off chirping and chattering horns in the backdrop. A clave beat sustains the orisha inspired "Oshumaré" in a nice, melodic understated groove during five minutes of marvelous music that inexplicably is faded out prematurely. There's an expansive take of Herbie Hancock's "Come Running to Me" (spelled correctly on the inside booklet, but nonsensically "Coming Running to Me" elsewhere), an amiable cha cha version with flute, brass, and electric piano. Melecio Magdaluyo is the wondrous flute player and fluid alto saxophonist on the date, and his light shines brightly throughout. His flute sweetly coalesces with Wallace on the very slow version of "Bésame Mucho," while his alto solo leaps over the Latin funk of "Mis Amigos" and "That Walk." Veteran saxophonist Ron Stallings is here as well, playing outstanding baritone sax on the spicy but low-key, deep take of Gerry Mulligan's "Jeru," a great idea for the soloist and the other horns. Stallings is on tenor and vocals for a timba funk version of "Unchain My Heart" which is all too unremarkable. An overbearing vocal on the straight 4/4 "Fascinatin' Rhythm," highlights an inconsistency with this CD. Mixing and matching really excellent Latin jazz with mundane funk flaws the overall product, no matter the influences involved. Wallace is an extraordinary trombone player and improviser, of that there is no doubt. The band, including Magdaluyo, Stallings, timbales master Michael Spiro, the great percussionist John Santos, pianists Frank Martin and Murray Low, and bassist Paul VanWageningen are all truly outstanding. Unfortunately, songs like "Serpentine Fire" do not do the program favors, and the occasional vocal coro or synthesizer add-ons are unnecessary. A relatively good effort overall from Wallace, it still has many very bright moments, at least four hot tracks, and a clear vision for the future.


Larry Batiste Vocals, Guest Appearance
David Belove Bass, Photography
Louis Fasman Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Kenneth Lee Mastering
Aaron Lington Sax (Baritone), Guest Appearance
Murray Low Piano
Melecio Magdaluyo Flute, Sax (Alto)
Gary Mankin Engineer, Mixing
Frank Gayer Martin Synthesizer, Piano
Alexa Weber Morales Vocals
Claytoven Richardson Vocals, Guest Appearance
John Santos Percussion, Conga
Michael Spiro Percussion, Timbales
Rev. Ron Stallings Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
Jeanie Tracy Vocals, Guest Appearance
Paul VanWageningen Trap Kit
Wayne Wallace Trombone, Tuba, Producer, Author, Mixing
John L. Worley, Jr. Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Natural Horn
David Yamasaki Guitar